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QuickCopy mini?

QuickCopy Tool bar
  • QuickCopy mini is an application that quickly makes the copy or the moving of the file easier.
    QuickCopy mini is registered in the toolbar of Finder and it uses it.
  • Cut and paste can be performed in pseudo by using QuickCopy.


  • The item that has been selected with Finder can be copied and be moved to the directory selected with the panel.
  • It is the shortest and four clicks.
  • The thing continuously used is possible while a big file of capacity is copied. (When processing ends, Quit is done by the automatic operation)
  • The copy, the movement, the deletion of the original file, making a new folder, and the Spotlight comment can be written.

  • By the option key, movement (or the contrary) can be temporarily changed to a copy.

  • A copy or the notice of an end of movement can be displayed by Growl. (Growl)

Demo movie

Latest information

QuickCopy Full version


Version history

1.0.2 (November,23 2011)

  1. Small fix.

1.0.1 (June,13 2011)

  1. Small fix.

1.0.0 (March,24 2011)

  1. First release

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