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QuickCopy Tool bar
  • QuickCopy mini is registered in the toolbar of Finder and it uses it.
  • Although Mac OS X does not have a cut function of a file, cut paste can be performed in pseudo by using QuickCopy.
  • Those who use Mac OS X 10.4 need to use them, Downloading the for QuickCopy for Tiger.


  • The item that has been selected with Finder can be copied and be moved to the directory selected with the panel.
  • It is the shortest and four clicks.
  • The thing continuously used is possible while a big file of capacity is copied. (When processing ends, Quit is done by the automatic operation)

    Panel PreviewThe copy, the movement, the deletion of the original file, making a new folder, and the Spotlight comment can be written.version3 Up

  • By a keyboard shortcut, it can call quickly.
    (It becomes effective after registration.)

  • By the option key, movement (or the contrary) can be temporarily changed to a copy.

  • A copy or the notice of an end of movement can be displayed by Growl. (Growl)version3 Up

Panel Preview
  • The folder well used on a favorite list can be registered, and the directory of a copy or a movement place can be changed in an instant.
    version3 Up

The notes of update etc.

  • Software update and when you change for downloaded QuickCopy, please turn OFF the check box which validates shortcut. (If QuickCopyPreferences is started, it will be automatically come by off.)

  • It will return, if QuickCopy which has registered with the tool bar of Finder becomes ?, and it reregisters again in QuickCopyPreferences.

Latest information

QuickCopy mini

Licence key, is sent to the registered email address, it is often a decision to return an e-mail spam.
Please enable it to receive the mail from "@mactips-lib.net".

For the people with the license of Version2x, the update to Version3 is no charge.



Version history

3.2.3 (June 23, 2012)

  1. QuickCopy, QuickCopyPreferences, QuickCopyDaemon
    • The problem which “Recent Places” of the favorite panel was not able to use was corrected.

3.2.2 (June 22, 2012)

  1. QuickCopy, QuickCopyPreferences, QuickCopyDaemon
    • Compatibility with the OS X 10.7 Lion.
    • We add an Finder toolbar icon for Lion.
    • Bug fixes.
    • Support OS was changed. (10.6 or later)
    • Support CPU was changed. (Intel CPU Only)

3.2.1 (November 18, 2011)

  1. QuickCopy, QuickCopyPreferences, QuickCopyDaemon
    • Changes: The latest version of the Growl SDK.

3.2.0 (June 9, 2011)

  1. QuickCopy, QuickCopyPreferences, QuickCopyDaemon
    • Small fixes and changes.

3.1.1 (August 9, 2010)

  1. QuickCopy, QuickCopyPreferences, QuickCopyDaemon
    • It changes so that a part of processings may be processed using the new framework from Mac OS X 10.5.
    • The version of a Growl framework was set to 1.2.1.
    • The problem on which the software update was not functioning is corrected.

3.1 (February 1, 2010)

  1. QuickCopy, QuickCopyPreferences, QuickCopyDaemon
    • Full support : Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

3.1 b3 (October 11, 2009)

  1. QuickCopy, QuickCopyPreferences, QuickCopyDaemon
    • Snow Leopard 64-bit support.
    • Fixed a problem which had been temporarily disabled the shortcut keys in a particular environment.

3.1 b2 (October 8, 2009)

  1. QuickCopy, QuickCopyPreferences, QuickCopyDaemon
    • Improvement in the compatibility to OS X 10.6.1.
    • Bug fix.

3.1b (September 4, 2009)

  1. QuickCopy, QuickCopyPreferences, QuickCopyDaemon
    • When Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard is clean installed, the problem it was impossible to register into the tool bar of Finder is corrected.

3.0.0 (June 10, 2009)

  1. QuickCopy
    • Improvement in the stability at the time of copy processing.
    • Optimization.
    • The list displayed by Growl was made legible.
    • The function which changes set-up the copy or move processing temporarily with an option key +O.K. button is added.
    • Adjustment of a panel.
    • The function to memorize the place used recently is added. (Favorite panel)
    • The function which can be added or deleted to a favorite, without using configuration is added.
      (A display of the tool bar of a favorite panel will display a button)
      ※The directory under selection is added by an open panel.
    • The maximum size of a favorite panel is changed.
    • The system requirement of Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) is changed or more into 10.4.11.
  1. QuickCopyPreferences
    • The item which can set up the number which the place used recently records is added.
    • It changes so that it may end, when a window is closed.
    • The version number of feedback is corrected.
    • The problem which was not able to drag the 1st line of the favorite list is corrected.

2.1.7 (April 13, 2009)

  1. QuickCopy
    • Change of the button of a favorite panel. (It becomes easy to push.)
    • The notice item of Growl was increased.
  1. QuickCopyPreferences
    • It enabled it to fix as an option the directory displayed immediately after starting.

2.1.6 (Jan 11, 2009)

  1. QuickCopy
    • Fine correction.
  1. QuickCopyPreferences
    • Bug fix of one affair.

2.1.5 R2 (July 31, 2008)

  1. QuickCopy
    • A favorite list is added to the panel.
    • The option to display the current directory is added to the panel.
  1. QuickCopyPreferences
    • The favorite list item is added.

2.1.4 (June 15, 2008)

  1. QuickCopy
    • Added an option to write in Spotlight Comment at to a panel.
    • Change a function of the New Folder making to a normal thing prepared for by Cocoa.
    • Change to GrowlSDK v1.1.3.
    • Bug fix of one item.
  1. QuickCopyPreferences
    • Change whether I reset a check of the movement to a trash box every time to be able to choose whether you let you memorize it.
    • Bug fix of one item.
    • Others minor change.

2.1.3 (June 11,2008)

  1. QuickCopy
    • The performance at the time of a call improves.
    • Two bug fix.

2.1.2 (June 1,2008)

  1. QuickCopy
    • Added a new folder making item to a panel.
    • Changed a handling of movement method to a trash box.
    • Adjusted the indication item of the list to notify Growl of.
  1. QuickCopyDaemon
    • Others minor change.

2.1.1 (May 25,2008)

  1. QuickCopy
    • At the time of first time start, a dialogue in quest of a pass of QuickCopyDaemon revises a given problem.

2.1.0 (May 27,2008)

  1. QuickCopy
    • Using the method of continuous major changes. Copy or Move to a new processing methods.
    • QuickCopy QuickCopyPreferences to integrate.
    • Panel, a copy or move to select able to change.
    • Panel to the original file to the trash will move to add more options.
    • Growl support. (Copy or Move to completion notification)
  1. QuickCopyPreferences
    • GUI minor changes.
    • Additional software updates. (Sparkle)
    • Toolbar option to register.

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