Revision date : June 10, 2009

  1. 1. About a license
    • QuickCopy is shareware.
      The rate of the license mentions it in the download page of QuickCopy.
    • The use restrictions in the case of being unregistered are made info 25 times. If this number of times is exceeded, the dialog which asks for shareware registration will come to come out. Moreover, when unregistered, the call by a keyboard shortcut cannot be performed. After it registers, there is no limitation and it is possible to use it.
    • A license is the right to install QuickCopy in Mac OS X and to usually use it. Others, All rights macTips (Hys.) is holding. Secondary distribution or modification of the use and distribution of the ban.
  1. 2. The payment method of licensing fee money
    • Paypal only in principle, and will be on your payment until.
    • Since you cannot accept the refund application after license charge payment, please inquire enough before payment.
  1. 3. The flow to serial key acquisition
    • Please take the necessary procedure from the buy button of Web.
    • Immediately after being able to take the check of payment, I will send a serial key and details to the mail address filled in when performed here. (The mail address must fill in the mistake. Moreover, please let me can correctly receive mail from
  1. 4. About a serial key
    • Please keep the cereal key importantly.
      Please inform me of the mail address filled in when registering with the name when it is lost. After it confirms it, I will send a new key.
    • Keep in mind that it cannot respond when the mail address at the time of registration is not clear anymore.
    • When the mail address at the time of registration is changed, please inform me of an old address and a new address. (Some changes in the new serial key, as described When required to send you may be in order.)
    • It is prohibited to transfer the cereal key to the third person.
  1. 5. Others
    • Using this software can also caused by any event, the author is not responsible for it.About use, I need your help by self-responsibility.
    • The author may change the specification of software without a preliminary announcement.
    • Since it is doing individually, when a certain fault comes to software, there is no guarantee which can respond promptly. Moreover, there is also no guarantee which can be answered to demand etc.
      However, as long as it can do, I think that it can answer.
    • When software stops operating correctly by big change of OS, it cannot necessarily respond. For convenience' sake, development may be interrupted on the way.
    • Additionally, please contact when there are a question etc.