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aLunch Pointer

It is an application launcher, and is operated via the status menu.

You can chose to display icons at 16 pixels - 64 pixels.
Files and folders can be registered with aLunch as well. Folders will be opened in the Finder.
Different categories can be registered by using groups and separators.
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License: Donationware
Version: 3.6.5
Released: Nov 5, 2009
File Size: 1.3MB
Binary: Universal
System: 10.4 or later
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Though this software is freeware, please consider donating if you find this software pleasing. Thank you.

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Please use aLunch2.5.1 for Mac OS X 10.3.9 with MacOS X 10.3.9

How to use of aLunch >>Here (English)

Special thanks

  1. Localization
    • English translation of Home Page : Cory Klingsporn
    • French translation : Walid Ben Salah
      : Jan Taverniers (
    • Translate to Spanish by David Carrero Fdez-Baillo []
    • German translation : DigitalBoy
    • Italian translation : WinstonSmith
    • Traditional Chinese translation : Jim Chiu
  1. English Help file
  1. Group menu icon design and menu bar pencil icon design

Version History

  1. 3.6.5 (Nov 5, 2009)
    • Abolish the automatic update real time menu item.
    • Bug Fix of two affairs.
    • Other points of change.
  1. 3.6.4 (May 20, 2009)
    • Traditional Chinese localization resource is added.
  1. 3.6.3 (Mar 3, 2009)
    • The function which updates a menu automatically is added.
    • The processing method at the time of opening the alias of volume is changed. The addition of animation.
    • In a launcher window, it corrects so that the alias of volume may be opened.
    • Bug Fix of one affair.
  1. 3.6.2 (Jan 22, 2009)
    • The problem forced under a certain conditions to terminate is corrected.
  1. 3.6.1 (Jan 5, 2009)
    • The label name of a group icon can be freely edited now.
    • It enabled it to resize the window size of Preferences "Item list."
    • Adjustment of a hot key (Tab key, F16, F17, F18, F19 is added)
    • Adjustment of the hierarchical menu of a launcher window.
    • It changes so that change of aLunch icon may be reflected immediately.
    • Fast launch menu corrects the problem which did not recognize the separator.
    • The problem whick did not open the alias of volume is corrected. Alias of (AFP, FTP, SMB, etc.)
    • A revision of localize it of French. (Thanks to Jan Taverniers,
  1. 3.6.0 (Dec 15, 2008)
    • When the folder is registered into the launcher window, the function which displays a hierarchical menu by right-click is added.
    • Slight performance, such as optimization of Preferences, is improved.
  1. 3.5.9 (Nov 15, 2008)
    • The problem it becomes impossible for a launcher window to close in a part of environments is corrected.
    • When display specification of the launcher window is being carried out at the subdisplay, it changes so that the display position may be memorized also after making it a single display.
  1. 3.5.8 (Oct 14, 2008)
    • Return to icon size of default size with the "esc key" is added to Launcher window.
      Shift Key & Plus Key : zoom in
      Minus Key : zoom out
      esc Key : Default size
      Plus Key : zoom in (Ten Key)
      Minus Key : zoom out (Ten Key)
      Mouse wheel : zoom in or zoom out
  1. 3.5.7 (Sep 17, 2008)
    • When the menu display is specified with the hot key, the item which closes a menu is added.
    • Launcher window keyboard or mouse to expansion and reduction adjustment process.
    • Other changes.
  1. 3.5.6 (July 22, 2008)
    • Italian localization resource is added.
  1. 3.5.5 (July 8, 2008)
    • The menu application name to the localized name appear correctly.
    • German localization resource is added.
  1. 3.5.4 (July 4, 2008)
    • Added a not close option of Launcher window.
    • The item list to adjust preferences.
    • English Help file updated.
  1. 3.5.3 (June 26, 2008)
    • The display of a launcher window is corresponded to a dual display.
      (Verification has not been carried out although I regard more than 2 Display as OK)
    • The problem which had not restored the position of the launcher window is corrected.
  1. 3.5.2 (June 22, 2008)
    • Spanish localization resource is added.
    • The icon size which can be displayed with a sub menu was increased to 4 kinds.
  1. 3.5.1 (May 20, 2008)
    • The menu which changes the group displayed on a launcher window is added.
  1. 3.5.0 (May 9, 2008)
    • The menu is added to the item called with a hot key.
    • Bug fix in two places.
  1. 3.4.3 (May 4, 2008)
    • The problem which had crashed when it updated from 3.3.0 or lower version to 3.4.2 is corrected.
    • Launcher window to abolish the border area and how to adjust the display window.
    • Launcher window automatically update the list when you select the item to appear.
  1. 3.4.2 (May 1, 2008)
    • The group icon of default is integrated into the icon tab.
    • Adjustment of processing when drug & is dropped and it adds it to group list.
    • Bug fix when group list new is added.
    • The size of the Fast launch menu is fixed to 16px.
    • Change in group icon tone and kind of adjustment.
    • The Archive icon is added to the group icon.
    • The item that can name an original name to group icon List17 is added.
  1. 3.4.1 (April 24, 2008)
    • Bug fix of a font during group list editing was white.
    • When a configuration is chosen, a window modifies the problem indicated to many.
    • Modify the problem which the custom icon of the list 16 of the group icon isn't reflected on.
    • Added a group icon for Hot key.
    • Modify it not to indicate Thumbs.db.
    • The modification of the English localization.
  1. 3.4.0 (April 20, 2008)
    • It enabled it to customize a group icon freely.
      It set up with the icon tab of Preferences.
      I had Mr. K2 (K2DesignWorks) make the pencil icon of the group icon of the default and the menu bar.
    • It learned to drag and drop a file and so on to the item registered in the launcher window. (Plural is acceptable) Copy it there when a registration item is a folder. (Plural is acceptable)
    • When there were no contents of the folder, it tried to indicate "No items" by the menu indication.
    • It tried to reflect a change at the time of the menu renewal when the contents of the folder added to the group list by drag and drop were changed.
      (The group created in the usual way is not updated.)
  1. 3.3.0 (April 7, 2008)
    • It came to be able to carry out the hierarchical display of the menu item (folder).
      It becomes effective by ON about the check box of the "group name" of an item list.
    • Performance improvement.
    • Mitigation of memory usage.
    • Bug Fix of a launcher window item name display.
    • A tool chip is abolished.
    • The Fast launch menu was added.
      The registration item of the "Fast launch" group of an item list is displayed on the first menu.
    • Others minor change.
  1. 3.2.1 (March 19, 2008)
    • The adjustment of the launcher window.
      The size of a launcher window and an icon was adjusted automatically according to the size of a main display.
      Adjustment of a mouse cursor.
    • Bug fix of Updating menu.
    • Others minor change.
  1. 3.2.0 (March 3, 2008)
    • Added a new features to launcher window.
      tab key : Move to the right
      return(enter) key : Launched or open a file
      left and right arrow key : Movement
      Up arrow key : A choice application on the front
      Down arrow key : Quit a choice application
      The active application displays it with semitransparency.
    • If the file does not exist "?" displayed.
    • The adjustment of the indication method of the launcher window.
      If no frame of the window to hide shadow.
      When there is a frame, window to display a shadow
    • The change of the indication method of the item choice frame of the launcher window.
    • The font size of the list title of the launcher window and adjustment of the indication.
    • Initial when you start emitting the cause of the error log to correct.
    • Update items, the previous day when the check had not been updated to fix a problem.
    • Help file updates.
    • Quit menu, Added an show/hide option.
  1. 3.1.0 (February 23, 2008)
    • Added an update item to Preferences. It came to be able to set it in detail.
    • Added the option which shows the screen center a launcher window.
  1. 3.0.2 (February 13, 2008)
    • Adjustment of font. (Launcher window)
    • The problem that an auto update doesn't function is corrected.
    • A few minor fixes and change of the part processing method.
  1. 3.0.1 (January 16, 2008)
    • Hot key window of the folder is open to change.
    • "Item list of Hot key"(Pop Up Menu) bug was corrected.
    • A few minor fixes.
  1. 3.0 (January 15, 2008)
    • Hot keys call window has been added.
    • Hyde extension items to be changed.
  1. 2.6.1 (January 4, 2008)
    • The addition of the French resource.
    • Icon of minor changes.
  1. 2.6.0 (November 25, 2007)
    • Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 dedicated to the optimization. Code slight modification.
    • Memory consumption has been reduced and correction of memory leak.
    • Resource sort of minor changes.
    • -Attention please.This version, the operating environment is Mac OS X 10.4 or later.
  1. 2.5.1 for Mac OS X 10.3.9 (November 15, 2007)
    • A problem that prevented starting under Mac OS X 10.3.x corrected.
      -I am sorry, 10.3 support is the lasts in this version.
      The person using after 10.4 does not have need.
  1. 2.5.1 (November 13, 2007)
    • To select the paste menu when there is no copy item, it changes.
      -The copy paste function doesn't use the paste board of Mac OS X.
    • It is localize in Japanese because it had forgotten localize.
    • The deletion item is added to the context menu.
    • The problem that two or more items have been selected is corrected when the item of the item list is dragged and it moves.
  1. 2.5.0 (November 09, 2007)
    • It corresponds to the copy paste of the item between items.
    • It corresponds to two or more of item of the item list deletions.
    • The memory leak is corrected.
    • Detailed bug correction.
  1. 2.4.0 (November 05, 2007)
    • The item etc. adjust the operation when adding, and deleting it to the list.
    • The update processing of the menu is optimized.
    • The tool chip display is added.
    • Icon corresponds up to 256×256 pixels.
  1. 2.3.0 (July 31, 2007)
    • It corresponds to drag & drop the group list. (Only the directory)
      The item of the first hierarchy of the directory that does Drop is reflected in Launcher menu.
      The folder including the subdirectory is registered as an item.
  1. 2.2.1 (July 08,2007)
    • The problem that a part of file did not open is corrected.
  1. 2.2.0 (July 02, 2007)
    • The folder menu is abolished, and integrated into the launcher menu.
    • The icon display of the group menu is added. (It is possible to turn it on and off. )
    • Additionally, detailed correction.
  1. 2.1.0 (June 30, 2007)
    • To open the file, it improves it.
    • It is corrected that it goes to the page of each environment on the page that jumps from
      "ALunch homepage" of aLunch of Preferences.
  1. 2.0.0 (June 21, 2007)
    • The option to display the application under the start was added.
      -The application program menu under the start is concealed and all the applications are concealed for the click.
      -The application name is displayed on the foremost side by the click.
      -The application name is ended by command + click.
    • The option of the menu list update was added.
    • The option to start all the applications to which the group name was registered by command + click was added.
    • The application name was added, and the original was added in command + click and the display option was added.
    • The option to display all folders that registered the folder menu by command + click was added.
    • Help of easy use was prepared in an Preferences.
    • The problem of canceling is corrected when selecting it though it is displayed in the list when the item registered
      in the folder menu is not found by some causes (move, delete, and unmount).
    • I think that it was able to correct the problem that Finder of Classic was reactive by using thefolder menu
      in the environment in which Classic is installed. (Do not test because there is no test environment. )
    • Additionally, change in internal processing method etc.
  1. 1.1.0 (June 08, 2007)
    • Display/non-display of the folder menu can have been selected.
    • The application and folder O Canada can have been added by drag & drop.
    • The problem with a heavy processing of each of , addition and the deletions of the group application
      program folder separator was improving corrected.
    • Improvement of the overall performance.
    • Additionally, detailed correction.
  1. 1.0.0 (June 03, 2007)
    • First release

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