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OrderOfLaunch ScreenShot
  • You register each application with OrderOfLaunch. (It is easy when adding it by drag and drop after it right-clicks in the item registered to "Account -> Login Items" of the System Preferences, and it displays it in Finder. )

  • Turn ON the "Start automatically on login" (Preferences)

  • The Login items of the System Preferences, if you have items that registered with OrderOfLaunch.app, please delete it.

  • After reboot or re-login, the OrderOfLaunch begins launch in the order that registered.

Screen shot

OrderOfLaunch Screen shot

OrderOfLaunch Screen shot

OrderOfLaunch Screen shot

Example of use

OrderOfLaunch 2.0.0 Example OrderOfLaunch 2.0.0 Example OrderOfLaunch 2.0.0 Example OrderOfLaunch 2.0.0 Example OrderOfLaunch 2.0.0 Example

Demo movie

Helper application information

    • /Applications/ClamXav.app/Contents/Resources/ClamXavSentry.app
    Evernote (Helper)
    • /Applications/Evernote.app/Contents/Resources/EvernoteHelper.app
    • /Applications/Evernote.app/Contents/Library/LoginItems/EvernoteHelper.app
    • /Applications/MagicPrefs.app
    • /Users/User name/Library/PreferencePanes/PastebotSync.prefPane/Contents/Resources/PastebotSync.app
    • /Applications/TextExpander.app
    VMware Fusion 3
    • /Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/VMware Fisopm Helper.app
    VMware Fusion 4
    • /Applications/VMWare Fusion/Contents/Library/VMWare Fusion Helper.app

Latest information

About a setting transfer from version 1.x


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Version history

2.0.6 (April,17 2012)

  1. The function which adds a separator and can be added between the application icons of a menu bar was added. A display/undisplayed one of a picture, an interval, and the alignment method can be chosen.
    ※ It can add, if it is made ON which "validates a separator menu" in Preferences.
    ※ The helper application for separators can be ended by "Quit Helper Application (Separator)" of a main menu.
    ※ When you update application, it is "Quit Helper Application (Separator)" menu and please end a helper application.
  2. It came to be able to perform deletion of the line by the delete key.
  3. The notice of Growl can be displayed also by those who have not installed Growl Application. (The style of a notice screen is only a default style of Growl. )
  4. The problem on which the option screen was hard to disappear is corrected.
  5. In addition, fine change and fixes.

2.0.5 (March,15 2012)

  1. Updated a helper application. Please enroll in a login items again.
  2. Speedup of the icon indication judgment.
  3. Speedup relaunch from "Relaunch registration applications menu"
  4. Added the sentence of the notice to Growl newly.

2.0.4 (March,7 2012)

  1. The "Relaunch registration applications" menu, added a keyboard shortcut. (⌘+R)
  2. Timeout period option, added 10 seconds.
  3. Bug fix at the time of launching except Japanese.

2.0.3 (Feburuary,29 2012)

  1. The application with which an icon is not displayed on Menu bar is supported. (An option is chosen in a double click.)
  2. Tuning of launching speed.

2.0.2 (November,23 2011)

  1. Addition : You can use relaunch of registered application from tool bar button.
  2. Addition : Even other than an application folder, You can use OrderOfLaunch.
  3. Change : Updated Growl SDK.
  4. Fixes : Some other corrections.

2.0.1 (October,05 2011)

  1. Bug fix.
  2. Support a menubar icon of the VMware Fusion 4.

2.0.0 (September,29 2011)

  1. Improvement of the precision.
  2. Improvement of operation speed.
  3. A change of the graphical user interface.
  4. Various corrections and changes.
  5. It registers to Mac App Store.

1.1.2 (July,22 2011)

  1. Bug fix.

1.1.1 (July,17 2011)

  1. Bug fix.

1.1.0 (July,12 2011)

  1. Operation speed is improved.
  2. The context menu is added. (Reveal In Finder)
  3. Web page and Feedback menu has been added to Help menu.
  4. The kind of the notification to Growl is added.
  5. Various fixes.

1.0.0 (July,4 2011)

  1. First release

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